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Best Hair Straightening Clinic in Bhubaneswar

Our Hair Specialist Doctors at ashu skin care, which is the best hair clinic in bhubaneswar odisha offer you the best & most newest treatments like Growth Factor Therapy,stem cell Therapy,PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy,Hair Mesotherapy,Dermaroller, Advanced Medications Which consists of tablets,Capsules,Serums,Sampoos for Hair Loss.By nationaly and internationally aclaimed renowened Top Hair Specialist Dr. Anita Rath, who is considered to be the best trichologist of bhubaneswar.At our Hair Clinic We Provide an Wide array of Hair Treatments For All types of Hair Problems like Hair Fall,Hair Loss,Alopecia,Dandruff,Hair Regrowth,Unwanted Hair,Hirsuitism,Hair Transplant for Baldness.
Chemical straighteners work by changing the structure of your hair. Each hair is made up of grouped chains of keratin, a naturally occurring protein. Chemical treatments affect the way these chains are held together to effectively de-coil each strand.